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I'm a 31-year-old male, and I live in Antwerp, Belgium 23.

I speak Latin, English, French, Dutch and a tiny bit of Spanish, German.

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    Hi everyone, I am looking for nice penpals from all over the world to write letters with (snail mail). if you are interested in writing me, please send me a message.

  • Cities and countries I have visited

    I visited troughout my life alot of places in Europe. the nicest travel ever was by train from Belgium to Edinburgh. Arriving with the national express train in Waverley station felt like coming home. It was amazing! And the weirdest trip was Gibraltar.. The Spanish customs treated us like we were the biggest smuglars they had ever seen. And almost I told out loud "do you think we took a British monkey and will take it to Spain?". But I was clever enough just to keep it for myself...