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I'm a 17-year-old female, and I live in Saint Petersburg, Russia 160.

I speak Russian, some English, and a tiny bit of French, Italian.

I've visited 8 places in 8 countries.

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    My hobbies are: music(I play the piano and sing, I like classics), biology, hand-mading, writing, swimming(not professionaly, I just like the sea), running, horseriding(but I have an allergy, thanks for I am alive, its wonderful -- horses, my dream not to have this awful alergy, I want to have my own horse and take lessons), learning languages, cooking(expesually baking, but others are good too), reading(novels), playing table games, gardening -- I like flowers...and I love the life in general -- it's wonderful, I am chileric and sangvinic person, every year I say to myself "I want to live 100 years more";)), if you'll ask me what I would choose: a house in a bisy city center or a hut on the coast of the sea with no people near but animals, I would choose the second. I don't like serching the Internet, because it provides bad energy. I prefer face-to-face comunication, but sometimes we haven't got the ability.
    !!! Important: Please, when I write you the first time and ask you to tell about yourself and your country, don't ask what exactly to tell, I know knothing and I can't answer this your question, I would be glad to get a big and detailed letter about what do you do in your free time(hobbies,..), what do you like(things, food, music, entertainments etc), what is your country famous for, what is popular there(cuisine(links with recepies or your family recepies and daintys which you can buy in a shop only in your country, some countries specialise on making cheese, there are special drinks, which have only a group of countryes), customs, traditions, simbols(like the cat Bastet in Egypt, as I know, -- the simbol of hearth), national pattern, nat. utensil, weather, nature(flora and fauna), relief(I like mountains and lakes), your imagine of your country, about your city/town/village, I don't want a big history, but something to know you and your area of living, what do you have in common with me, I don't like futile(/"milk-and-water" ) little-little mails.

  • Favourite books/authors/films

    I like Rosamunde Pilcher. She wrote "Coming home", "Shell seakers" and other good books. She writes women novels. People find it strange that I like this kind of books. I also like Ray Bradbury, "351 degrees of Foreignheit" is my favourite. I like the Russian book "Crime and Punishment" by Dostoevsky("Преступление и наказание" Достоевского). My favourite film is "Avatar". I like films with nature.