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  • I always enjoy talking about...

    I enjoy talking about this show called eddsworld my friends say that im more like matt because of my personality this is his personality " Not the face! „ ~ Matt's catchphrase.. Matt Hargreaves (or simply Matt) is a tritagonist in Eddsworld, who is inspired and voiced by Matt Hargreaves. He is known for having a purple hoodie, green overcoat and ginger hair. Although he is usually presented as a good character, he appears as a main villain in Eddsworld Halloween Short and many of his alter-egos are villains from other episodes.

    theres this band I love its called set it off

  • Something uncommon about me

    the things that make me unique, most of which are my personality traits for example I realise that when I'm nervous about something I listen to music and not the usual kind. I like wearing jewellery that tells other people about my emotions, when im bored I go onto my laptop and socialize with other people (even if it means that ill get told off) . I like caring for my friends and making sure that their they're okay, I do this because I like having my friends know that I've got their backs. it calms me down when I see other people happy.

  • Something to tell the world!

    I imogen watson like to make people think I'm not that bright.
    before I start completely id like to say that this is my friend writing about what I'm like

    immy is one of my best friends, I like to call her that because she's nice and caring and also likes to make people feel better, but what I didn't know is that everyday whilst she's listening to music she learns something. each time im trying to tell her to focus on her work she learns what to say to make me believe in her which she would need for when she gets a job. she also learns different types of words and languages because of the music she likes to listen to.
    she learns websites daily and because of her creative thinking she finds herself in a new website every day which is how she found this website today
    I like having immy in my life because she likes to think out side the box and she teaches me things everyday which is why you'll be lucky to talk to her daily or weekly or how ever you both decide.