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  • Something to tell the world!

    Hey everyone! My name is Anne and I'm 19 years old. I'm currently living in Holland and I'd love to connect with people all over the world.

    I'm very open-minded, tolerant and I like to think that I'm a kind person. I love listening to people with good stories, so if you have any, you know where to find me!

  • Making the world a better place

    If we want to make the world a better place, let's focus on being kind, kind to ourselves, to planet Earth and to each other, A small gesture can make someones day!

  • I'm excited about...

    I love learning, weather it's about other cultures or physics, science, languages or bascially anything and everything. Also I'm a big fan of good books, if you have any recommendations, don't hold back!

  • Cities and countries I have visited

    I recently visited South-Africa (Jo'burg and Cape Town), which was a life changing experience, I fell in love with the culture, the mindset of the people and also the nature. If you have made some cool trips lately, tell me about them 🙂

  • 10 years from now

    10 years from now, I will be a doctor, almost done with my specialization. I am very enthousiastic about health and medicine. If you are in the same traject, let's discuss together!

  • A trick or piece of advice

    Some quotes that I think are pretty strong advice:

    - When you can't control what's happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what's happening. That's were the power is.

    -When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.

  • I wish people knew more about...

    I wish people knew and CARED more about environmental problems like: global warming, the plasic soup, overpopulation, pollution, natural resource depletion, deforestation, loss of biodiversity and so much more..

    People are not paying enough attention to them, the earth does NOT belong to us, we belong to the earth!