looking for everyday friend, future close friend (speaking english :p) English

Hi there!
I'm Davidero, I'm looking for someone to talk about everyday life ( experiences, nature, books, culture, videogames, motorbikes... :p ) but also (and specially) about the meaning of life, the importance of feelings, friendship and love, and other important and deep talking points ;) Heey I'm not a phylosopher ah!! lol1 I'm simply tired to fool around... because I think the real target of this site is to let us compare our own life and thoughts with others... Comparison makes us grow....
( and makes me improve my english I hope :laugh )
So, if you want to have a penfriend not only to say "hi, how are you? ok, bye!" you are welcome :tongue:
PS: I'd prefer same age as me or older :yes

Bye all !!! See ya!

Scegli me! Scegli me!!

Scegli me! Scegli me!!
I have already chosen you months ago my dear Lilith ;)
For me it's time to know new interesting people :yes

Anyone ? :blushing

I would to say me but I talk already to you. :D :)

Hey. Im Danielle and I would love to be your friend. :)

I would to say me but I talk already to you. :D :)

Hi Roxy :) Nice to meet you :D

I am younger than you :P so what?

:D I'm an "age racist" ahahah
kidding, you are welcome if you want :)

Then i'm saying "hi,how're you?ok,bye!" ;)

ahah , well , you are not welcome any more :D

Hey Davide, if you want you can talk to me :) I think I have an opinion about a lot of things...
I saw on your profile that you like fantasy! I like it too! :)
If you want, you can sent me a message. I prefer sending emails because I don't have much time to chat everyday.
Hope to hear from you soon!

So, I'm finally finding someone who wants to talk a few :) Carry on friends, I'm here :)

ahah , well , you are not welcome any more :D
Nah,i`m kidding :D
I`d like to talk to you