What languages do you learn at school? English

English is obligatory and you can also learn German, Russian, Spanich, Italian it depend of school

I'm studying French (mother tongue), English, German, Spanish, and Russian at high school. At secondary school I learned Latin and a little of Ancient Greek, but actually I don't remember a lot of these languages...

We've got English, French, German, Latin, Greek and Dutch oufcourse!

I am learning English for almost 10 years, German for 3, Latin for 1 year and Italien for 1 year ;)

Russian, Ukrainian, English and German

Everyone in here Finland has to learn swedish because its our other offical language. Other languages i know are spanish and english. :)

In my school i'm learning polish,english and german. :)

I read in my school english, finnish, french and swedish ( : And before i read a little german ( :

I'm learning English & Arabic. I also have been learning German for like 10 years, but I suck at it :/

I learn English, spanish and french too but french is more like literature :)

I 'm learning Dutch- yes, that language actually exists ;)- French, English and German ^^

English, French and German are a must (secondary school), Latin and Old Greek are for the highest level at school, optional is Spanish. And Dutch, because I live in the Netherlands.

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I'm learning Italian, English, German, Spanish and Latin :)

I'm learning English, French, Latin (if it can be considered a language sleep1 ) and, obviously, Italian! :)

I'm learning English, French, Spanish ^^

English, French, Swedish, Spanish, also I used to study German, and in my school I think people can also study Italian and Russian? :D

English, russian, french. All of them for several years.. The languages at my school kind of suck though... :S

Hi! I am not expert to speak english but i try... of course the spanish is easier to me and anyways How are you?..What's new?