What languages do you learn at school? English

In school i am learning English as a second languages.

French the official language first, english and deutch

French, German, English.

I'm attending the first year of Italian High school and I'm learning English, Ancient Greek and Latin. :) Ah, and I learnt French for three years..


Dutch, English, German & French

I learn German, English and French (:

I'm learning English and German but in France we can learn Spanish too.

I'm learning English, Dutch and French at school, next year i also gonna learn German and some years later Latin

at school i learn english, deutsch, and i speak very well french
i want to correspond with you, to exchange and develop my english language
if it interest you, you can answer me!!

:yes :)

I'm learning english, russian and spanish :)

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I learn Thai,English and Spanish at school

A Lot. To mutch.... :(

When going to school, I learned english, french and german.

French, dutch and English :)

Latin, German, French, Mandarin, Spanish. I'm currently taking German

English, German, Spanish and Polish :)

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In my school i'm studying catalan, spanish, english and in 3th grade of high school you can choose french or latin :)

Dutch, English, German, French