What languages do you learn at school? English

I'm learning Dutch, English, French and German, but I'm gonna drop german next year, I hate it

I learn French [native language xD], English, Spanish & German at school & by myself, catalan & italien .. 🙂 Maybe soon, portugese ! 😛

I learn English at school😁

english, russian and latin

Only English : :angry

I'm learning English and German

English and Spanish 😉 I love Spanish... but my teacher is HORRIBLE!

I'm my school, we can learn english, italian, german, latin and spanish but I learnt english, latin and spanish 😉

I life in the Netherlands and we learn the Dutch, German/Deutsch, Frence and English. And if you like it, you can learn Italian, Spanish, Latin and/or Greek. So we can learn a lot of languages 😛 hihi.

But I dropped french, I hated it.
Wow!I found someone who has the same idea!I would never start it to drop it!

i'm learning englisch at school.
but i used to learn frenche and german to but i chosed to stop with that laguages :shifty

I have already graduated but I studied English and Swedish at my school. In my town's schools you can also choose Russian, Italian, French, Spain, German and Latin. You can also take Chinese, Japanese, Arabian, Karelian and Estonian language lessons at our town's congress and cultural centre.

I'm studying italian, english, french and spanish, But I would love to learn German too!!

I'm learning Dutch, French, English, Latin and I think we can learn German and Spanish too!

In elementary and middle schools I learned Spanish, in ninth grade, it was French, and now I'm studying German. Other students at my school can take Spanish, French, or Latin instead.

English, German. i used to do french, latin and greek as well... but i only chose german and english. 🙂

I am learning English and Spanish.

i am learning English, French and Latin. And my language, Italian.