help me english! English


i'm from korea.(i born in japan.) i loved world language. but i can't speak.

i well speaking japanese.

but i cannot speak english.

help me.helpsmilie

if help me english, i help you japanese.

i have skype.

thank u :P :flowers

I will help you if you would like. i'm also interested in languages, so also in yours...
ask any time, greets
Linsay :)

Hello. I would be glad to help you with English and on the other hand you could help me with japanese. Send me a comment or email to let me know :)


こんにちは!私は、あなたが英語を学ぶのを助けるように喜んでいるだろう。私は、助けが必要な日本語を勉強しています。これは非常に悪いですか?私はほとんど知っているので、私は、トランスレータを使用していました。私はまだかかわらず、英語のお手伝いをすることができます。 :)

Hello! I would be glad to help you learn English. I am studying Japanese, but I need help. Is it bad? Since I know very little, I was using a translator to help me. Though I can still help you in English. :)

Hello! I speak english, indonesian, and intermediate Japanese. If you would like, i could be your friend and i would like to improve my Japanese skills too!