Your favourite movie English

The parent Trap and The lion king 001_wub

nobody has ever seen fight club?
"how much do you know about yourself if you've never been in a fight?"

Me it's A Millionaire's first Love, It's Korean film.
Not drama 😁
TVXQ sing the OST =)

especially saw movies, mirrors and dejavu.. I like horror movies🙂)

My favourite director film is Kubrick... It's because i think all his films are very iportants, but "orange mécanique", "2001" and "full metal jacket" are some of them that i love!

I'm O.K. with Cosaque ! Kubrik is the boss 😁, after, I love Tarantino: "pulp fiction" , Miyazaki: "princesse mononoke" , Takahata: "grave of the fireflies", Kurosawa: "Rashomon" , Eisenstein: "Potemkine" , Park Chan-wook "Lady Vengeance", Godard: " A bout de souffle", and... and...... What is the question ? Your favourite movie, just one...

I like transformer , Harry potter , twilight, ...

Amélie, Chicago, The Legend of 1900, Peaceful Warrior, and The Graduate! 😃

My favourite movies are: "Gone with the wind", "The curious case of Benjamin Button", "Step up"

Gone with the wind)
Canone Inverso
also like musicals like Moulin Rouge, The phantom of the Opera, Hairspray
like cartoons by Hayao Miyazaki

Hmmm i have a few

* Shawshank Redemtion
* Gladiator
*Green Mile
*Stepford Wives
* Titanic
* Braveheart

Hugs Emma x

Smallville RuleZZZ!!!

i'm into weird stuff like the japanese movies 'Strange Circus', 'Suicide Club' and Tekkon Kinkreet!

but 2001 will alwys be one awesome movie together with the Star Wars ones and so on :3

Star wars movies and the count of monte cristo =)

Fight club, and all Miyazaki movies <3

Fast & Furious, the first one😁

oh yeah! Sweeney todd is the best movie ever!