Anyone interested in sending letters English

Hi my friends . I am Aadhil from Sri Lanka . I am from sri lanka and an Engineering Technology student too . i have only one snail mail penfriend and i am so interested to write with that penfriend. and i'd love to have another penfriend . so anyone interested to be my penfriend?

your friend
Aadhil :)

Greetings, I will be happy to help you with English! But it would be better to use social media like Instagram instead of sending such an obsolete digital technology as e-mails. Also, there are some cool apps now to help you to manage your account like, for example, That's my favourite. So, if you're still looking forward to have a chat, answer me!

Hi , Nice to meet you :)
I'd like to be your friend , shall we chat in this site? :)

I'm interested in writing real letters