Who likes football? English

Talking about football would be fun :D

whats ur team bro?

Rapid Vienna :-D

But I like to follow all kinds of international leagues. Also small countries like Lithuania. Zalgiris Vilnius is my team there.

I see! dunno the Lithuanian league, but here in belgiu you have a small league with good teams like standard de Liège or KAA Gent :p

I know. What is your club?

in Belgium it's Standard de Liège, but since i'm born it's Real Madrid
*~* hasta siempre madridista :D hala madrid y nada mas

Ah really? Isn't it boring to follow such a big club from so far away? They won the Champions League so many times in the recent years. It's not getting boring? I mean when winning the Champions League is part of everyday life. Isn't it much more exciting if a club wins the title which never won it before? :-D

haha nop I mean, some are saying like ''yeah thats only becoz of CR7, nothing more'', dunno why I always loved that team, yeah sure they won a lot of CL, but it's always a pleasure to see a match, to see the Mercato news, to stress with 'em when they're 3rd at 4 days to the end,... I'm not living these emotions with Standard de Liège, even if they're playing european too, but not the same emotions :)

Ever went to Madrid to see them? In Spain I like Atletico best. But I also like Bilbao, Betis Sevilla … if I have to choose between Barca and Real, I would choose Real. :-)

sure I went and unbelievable, even if it was vs a small team ! yeaaah Real is the best team in the woooorld

I like their stadium. Would also like to go there. And how did you feel about the CR7 farewell?

he had to go this year, he's a beast but I think that was the best for him to join Juve, he'll be able to play with his skills, a lil freshness in Madrid will be cool, becoz everyone was ''Madrid is just CR7'', now the club will have to prove taht real is a great team, with or without CR7

What is your favourite player? Is there a player you do not like?

my fav is Hazard :D :D and the player i can't smell is Piqué... u?

I meant Real Player … I am afraid I do not have a real player I like because if someone is good he leaves my club too early.
Football was better in the 80s when most of the players did not change the club every year …

ooooh my fav player in Real is Isco :D Amazing skills and he is stronger and stronger year after year :p and I didn't like Pepe, he was a fcking great defender, but a butcher... People are complaining of Ramos, but Ramos is good! he make clever fault and score a lot, but Pepe was just a fcking butcher haha

Do you guys go often watch a match? (I mean in the stadium)

I support Feyenoord Rotterdam