Penpals and new friends English

I am 27 years old woman from Finland and I am looking pen pals from all over the world. I also want improve my english skills. I got new job and I have to use english in my daily work. The Firstly we can use email for chatting, but maybe later we can call also skype calls, use whats up and facebook.
I live in Lappland and I love travelling. I have visited 15 countries and I want get them more and more. I am interested know people from other countires and lean things from others cultures.
I also like sport, fitness and that kind of stuff.

I can help you also improve your english skills or I can teach you speak finnish if you want 😉 . I can also tell you everyhing about reindeers, santa claus and Lappland.

Contact me if you like get know me better. I have to say, I am looking for only woman penpals, because I am happily married.

Too bad you're just looking for woman penpals, even though I highly doubt that i'll marry you, haha

I always wondered, is lappland often white with snow, or just green. and what's the average temprature?
I'd love to visit it once.... but I don't know what the best / nicest time is to go there 🙂


We have snow from october to april in Lappland every year. I think best time to come here is december, because in that time there is not too cold, maybe - 5-15 degrees. In that time there is a lot of tourists, because christmas time.

I think other good time to come here is june, when sun will not go down at all ans in june there are not moskitos.

Sorry about that I am now looking only woman penpals. But I can chat with you if you like to hear more about lappland 😊

Heydo, im from switzerland, but i would love to learn finnish, coz my best friend moved to lappland last year.
N next year/end of 2018, we wanna go n visite him