A penpal to improve my Enlish English

I am Doriane,I'm 17 yo ans I live in France.
I looking for a penpal to improve my English and to know someone who has an other culture.
I want to share thanks to networks (like Instagram or Skype)or letters.
Bye !

I could help out if you want :)

I am looking for a penpal to help me improve my english and also would like to know someone who is from another culture :D

Hi Doriane, I´m Victoria, I´m from Argentina and I also want to improve my english and my french too!! Im very interested in your culture if you want we can talk anytime!

hi im alice I'm italian. I'm 14 and i'd like to improve my english spanish or french and i'd like to speak with people from another country

Hi everyone, I can help you with my spanish and my english, I also speak french and I´d like to improve it. merci. Saludos, jimmy

hi! :)

Hi everyone,

I live in Tahiti, but was born in Paris.
I'm looking for English native speakers to improve my English and help them in French in return.

I would be please to get in touch with you!
Speak to you soon, hopefully,