Do you want to help me in US English and write letters with me? :) English

Hi everybody! :)
I am Chtistoph and live in Poland. I'm 22. I study journalism. I would like to see USA in future. I'm interested in psychology, outdoor, herbalism, history and many other things. I like sport (self-defence, shooting, survival). I write the novels.
So, I looking for person from USA who wanna write letters with me (I think about real paper letters, my handwriting is legible ;) ). I want to exchange postcards and learn English :). I can show you my country, tell you many interesting facts for my town and send you small souvenirs from Poland. You can too. What do you think? Someone willing?
Sorry for my English. Is weak. ;)

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001_rolleyes I'd love to... But I'm from Italy... If we speak in English, would it be enough...? 001_unsure

Im also interested but im not from the US :/ I can speak English though XD

We can write! :)

Hi, It would be great to share letters in english with all of you!