looking for penpals English

Hey there,

my name is Melina, 24 years, from Germany. I am looking for mature and honest penpals who are interested in exchanging handwritten letters.
I am especially looking for penpals from the following countries : Finland, Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, USA and Russia.
But any requests are welcome.

If you're interested pls leave a comment below or message me.

Melina :)

Ciao, ich bin auch 24 Jahre alt, ich komme aus GB. Ich kann ein bisschen Deutsch und ich tausche mit Ihnen Nachrichten gern aus, ob auf Deutsch oder Englisch. Senden Sie eine Email (wenn interessiert!)

hello, dear friends!!! I want send many letter with surprise i other country in this year! It is surprise on the New Year. If you want receive letter(or box) on holiday New Year, send letter with surprise for me) If you have a children, write it is in letter(for children other surprise) I thaink that it is good idea) I send letter with surprise to all the people who will send letter with surprise for me!)) also, if you want that your child receive letter with surprise from Santa Claus, write about it with your letter for me! Thank you, very much. p.s. Sorry for my english. I will wait your letter very much and i will be happy receive a part me for you)))
My address:
Zdasiuk Katsiaryna
ul.Uglanskaia, d.21
225209 g.Byaroza,
Brest Oblast,