I want to improve my English English

Hello! :blushing
I planning my visit in England in future and I looking for good friend which help me in my mistakes, problems with English.
I want to improve my grammar! I can writing e-mails and speaking by Skype, whatever!

To be in touch clover

A few words about me...
I am Justine.
I have 20.
I am interested in psychology,
biology, films, TV series.
I like voleyball, bikes, badminton.
I really like spaghetti bolognese,
vegetables, fruits and caffe latte!
I work as a promoter brand.
I like: cats, ladybirds, lily of the valey,
travels, Paris, books of psychology,
books of life, and books of philosophy.

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Czesc Coccinelle! Jak sie masz? I'm Suvrojit from India, 24 years age and I can help you correct your english if you prefer to speak. Take care! :)

Hi! I'm from Italy (Venice), I'm available for speaking and writing! I speak english and spanish fluently, and a bit of german too. See ya!

Hi! I'm from the Netherlands and I really want to improve my English (speaking and reading) See yaaaaaaaaaa!

up :)

Hi, I'm from Canada. If you're still looking to find people to help you speak in English :)