looking for an english penpal! English

I'm 18 and I study english. I would really like to improve my skills and to make new friends so I'm here looking for someone to chat to. I use whatsapp, facebook, twitter and other socials. Contact me if interested, it doesn't matter whether you're from the UK/US or not, you just have to be able to write in english :).

Hey I can write in English! ;) Do you use skype?

no, i dont have skype :(
I use the socials i wrote above and a few others but not videochats

Hey, would you like to add me on Facebook? I'm from the Netherlands so no native English speaker, but my English is quite good (if I may say so myself :P) because I had my entire high school in English. Message me back if you'd like to talk :D

Hi Nils, yes I would like to add you :yes. I'm sorry I didn't answer you before but I was on holiday.

Hi! I'm from Canada, if you're still looking to find someone who speaks English :)

Hi! I'm Italian and I'm 15 years old. If you want we can talk, I really need to improve my English.

hi! i'm Alice, 17 (near to 18 ahah) I need a help to improve my english, thank you!