•Meet new friend and improve my English• English

Hi everybody! big_smile
I'm Anaïs and I have 14 (15 in november). I would improve my english and to meet new people, who can hepl me and why not to become friends? 🙂

Salut tout le monde!
Je suis Anaïs et j'ai 14ans (15 en novembre). Je voudrais améliorer mon anglais et rencontrer des nouvelles personnes, qui peut m'aider et pourquoi pas devenir amis? 🙂

me too il french ans wang tout duscuss with a max people speaking english ans french just exchange our expérience

je veux ameliorer mon englais et mon francais si que;qu'un peut m'aider 🙂

Hi, I live in Canada if you're still looking for English speaking people to talk to 🙂

hi i live in italy my name is isabella , i have 14 years old and i love meet new people

Hello, I live in Holland, my name is Sharon. I am 17 years old. I find it nice to talk with a lot of peoples. If you want to talk send me a message.

Hey, I'm julie i'm 14, i'm french but i want to improve my english and my spanish, i can help you and maybe we can become friend, i can help you to learn french. Contact me
Salut, je suis julie et j'ai 14 ans, je suis française et j'aimerais améliorer mon anglais et mon français. On pourrait devenir ami!
je peux vous aidez a apprendre le français.
Contactez moi

Hi. I'm Łukasz from Poland, i'm 25, and i want to improve my english, and also learn other languages and get to know new friends. I'll be happy if you let me know you

Hello, I'm tami and I live in germany, my English is very well and I want to talk to you 🙂 so maybe we can talk and also become friends

Hi, my name is Carolin. I'm 18 years old and live and Germany. I'm currently searching for someone who wants to be my penpal. I'd like to improve my english and also make some friends. Feel free to send me a message. 🙂

Hi, if you want we can exchange letters in order to practice our english. I could gelp you also with spanish and french. Waiting for your response