Looking for someone to talk :) English

Hi, my name is Ola. I'm 15 year-old girl from central Poland. I like theatre, poetry, movies, books, cooking, history, geography, economy, cooking, travelling, mountains and snowboarding. I love autumn and winter and I hate summer, I know, it's weird. I know English quite well and I'm learning Russian, I like also French, Romanian and Hungarian but I can't find time and force myself to start learning :/
I'm looking for someone nice to talk, maybe about something more interesting than how my day was (who cares?)
Greets, Ola

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Hi Ola!
I'm Luisa, I'm 15 too and I'm from Italy.
If you wanna talk, I'm here 😃

Wow, someone answered 😃 I'd love to chat with you, do you have facebook, skype or anything like that? 🙂

Hello,Ola :3
My name is Lera,I'm also 15.
I like history too.
And I can help you with Russian 🙂

I'm Jannica and I'm 14.
I love spring and summer 🙂
And can learn you Dutch if you want to 🙂

My name's Kimberley, I'm fourteen years old and from Belgium. I speak Dutch, and English (not flawless, but good enough).
It's not weird, I like winter too. It's my favourite season. I also like books (I'm a writer), movies, poetry and history. If you want to talk, we could chat on Skype or somenthing like that.