Looking for english-speaker penpal English

Hi ! (:

I'm French and I'd like to find someone to practise english (I can teach French).

See you soon !


I really want to talk with you so if you want to, you can write to me on penpal or here: wiksz9@gmail.com


Hi I am Paul from England and i'd love to chat with you.

My email is iamnearly14@gmail.com

Hi! I'm not very good in english but I want to practise it too.
Write me if you want: just.lachen@gmail.com

Hi, I can teach you English and I would like to learn French! Message me :)

Bonjour! My name is Suvrojit and I'm learning French but I make a lot of mistakes so it will be great if you can help me in some topics and yes I can help you in English, it is my strong point! :)