chinese girl want a penpal English

My name is Beeing Wong and Im from China :) (Canton pro,I can speak very good cantonese)
Im 20 years old and Im a college student majoring in Marketing :)

I want penpals to share life,thoughts,and everything.. :stuart rolleyes

if you want to know more about me or would love to be my penpal
please let me know :)

we can do it through Email or QQ

Have a goooood day^^ :D



I'm Wesley, 20 years old, i'm from Belgium and study law in Ghent. :)
It would be nice if we could become pen pals as i'm very interested in your culture and life in China ;)

I'm not really familiar with QQ, so I would prefer - if you agree - to do it through email.

Have a good day as well! :)