code language English

does anyone know how to wright in an code language? i myself know the language of Elian. maby somebody knows it. it's not very hard to learn and its realy fun. leaf a massage if do wright any.

Hello !!
Actually there is a whole branch of mathematics that is dedicated to coding messages it's known as cryptography. the Elian cipher is really fun, but it's not the only one out there : there is the Cesar code, the Vigenere Code and so one. the problem with the Elian script is that it's very easy to break it's also the case of the Cesar code. So if you want to code a message I recommend the Vigenere because it's easy to use and quite hard to break ( for amateurs that is :) )!!

hey I'm learning C# and I've developed a windows store app and is working on a game which needs C#. IF you are interested in this language let me know :)!