Hey EVERYBODY! :clap

Just started in here :blush - searching for a traditional penpal, means: someone who likes and loves the idea of sending someone a handwritten letter, like other generations did in the past! I shall be delighted about requests for 'nostalgic' penpals.(snail mail) Perhaps we could help keeping the handwriting of personal letters alive. Let us prevent it from extinction and felling into oblivion. no123

I don't care if you are female or male, heterosexual, lesbian or gay. I even do not care about the color of your skin or your origin. You just need to be human...otherwise I'd be confused and a little bit frightened. confused1 helpsmilie

Allow me to introduce myself:
Germany is my beloved home country, Rhineland-Palatinate my native region. At the present time I am a student of a humane discipline at the university of Marburg in Hesse. smartass I am totally interested in nearly every kind of music. Currently I sing in three different choires. Furthermore I play soccer in the club next town and darts in a club at my hometown. Do you love sports? I do! We may discuss a little bit about our favorite sports and our favorite teams. thumbup1

I also like cooking :chef , literature and astronomy (astro physics, not astrology :nono ) .

If you are interested please contact me about my profile to exchange adresses. Although I am using different messengers and stuff I am at least in the beginning definitily not interested in multimedia contact. It should be about writing on paper, about the power of imagination and about the feeling to concentrate on the written lines. (snail mail ! ) 😛unk I want to improve my command of English and my knowledge about other countries and cultures!

Have fun! thumbup2

PS: ...and in the best case you are nearly in my tender age! (23; so 18-30) 001_rolleyes :blush