I want to write paper letters!) English

Hello everyone!
My name is Tanya. I'm from Russia. I want to find friends from others countries and improve my English. I want to find penpals and to write paper letters. I think it's so interesting! We can sent letters, postcards,souvenirs and small presents each other! Is it interesting for you? Let's go!) big_smile

Ohhhh yesss! I think that's a wonderful idea!! I would love to write with you :)))

I am interested in this too :D
I can write with others too. Hey everyone! If you want to write paper letters to me just write to me. :D

Yes, I'm interested too :) Please send me an e-mail

I'm interested too!

I'm also interested :)

Im interested ! I really like receiving letters or cards by post!
Im ready for this kind of friendship ! Send me an email :d

Me too, so if anyone is Interesses, weite me an e Mail.

This is why im here, anyone can write me, i would love exchanging things !

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I'm interested too! If someone wants to exchange snail mail, don't hesitate to send me a message ;)

I got interested in receiving and sending letters since I joined ppg. So you're welcome to send me one :) .

I would be very interested in this! Send me an email or something so we can get started! :D

Hello everyone=)
I'm also interested in this=) Let's start=)

Im interested !
Send me an email :)

I'm interested too :)

15 y/o girl from Finland is very interested too! :) send me an email!