Looking for a learning partner English

Hello everyone!
I would like to improve my English and i was wondering if there would be someone who would like to learn with me. We could meet on Skype every day (or every other day if you prefer) and have some sort of English grammar lessons. We would firstly agree on a topic for our next lesson (for example Future Perfect tense), learn about it and prepare some exercises for another person (for example prepare some words and tell to use them to make sentences in Future Perfect etc.). Then we would meet on Skype, solve exercises and correct other person mistakes.
To be honest I've never did that before, so I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but if someone would like to try then please leave me a message here or via my penpalgate profile.

Thanks, Eléonore.

i'm in :D

Anyone else?

I'd like to try it.

I am on skype more than fb or other sites as I find it better for learning french languages from native french. I am good in english too so I can help you too on skype :) ,y skype id is suvrojit2

I'm in, too))