olandese - italiano vorrei imparare italiano Italiano

io sono Davy
io studio Italiano

ok i say this in english!
my name is Davy. I would like te learn italian, becouse i love Italy. and from some kind of reason i'm passionated by the country. i think it's over 15 years i talk about Italy. And i never have visit it. I would love to come on a holliday next year. If i look in the future i would love to buy a house over there, so i can spend my hollidays in Italy. that's the reason why i want to learn the language. i want to speak with the local people if i'm there.I have read a lot of things on the internet. that's why my love for the country is so strong. I listen a lot to Italian music. aspecially love the group Moda. Fedez, andreano celentano, Malika Ayane. and at the moment J-ax feat Bianca Atzei. and lots of more music. I already started a Italian course.and i'm now at lezione cinque. it's a start. but i would be great if i have a native speaker where i can speak to so now and then. or just a pal to write to in Italian.
It would be great if i found someone who want to learn l'olandese. becouse my english is not that good. and i hope you understand me and someone is lookin forworth to contact me. no mather the age or anything other.

hope to hear you soon?

oh yeah I can help you!
I don't know anything about Dutch (does it exist?)
anyway, I'm an Italian boy and I can help you and maybe you could teach me your language!
send me a message if you are interested in