Finland Italiano

Hi all!
I'm Katia and looking for crazy friends ^^
I'm studing japanese at university ^^ I love Japan and I have visited Tokyo,Kyoto,Osaka ^^ So, love Japan and japanese people!
I have many friends from Japan ^^
Now,I'm searching finnish friends,because I'm falling in love with Finland too :D
Is there anybody that can help me?? I'd like to learn finnish language too ^^
If you want,I can teach you some italian ;)
Next year I'm going to visit Finland with my boyfriend :)

Please,write me ^^

Moi moi ja kiitos

Someone interested about Finland that much.. sounds so cool x) what part of Finland are you going to visit?

Moi,Jene ^^

I'm going to visit Helsinki,Espoo,Turku...and I'd like to visit Tampere and lakeside too ^^
But it depends by money ^^ Maybe this december too we'll visit Finland for the christmas period :)