Can anybody help me with my Italian, please? Italiano

Hi everyone :) I'm looking for someone to teach me Italian, or at least to help me to correct my mistakes. And I can help you to learn Spanish, it's my native language, so I don't have any problem, I can help anyone with it :D I'll contact you! Just leave a comment. Thanks big_smile

Hey!! i'm italian so i'm quite good at it :P and i'd like to speak spanish.. contact me soon.. :D

Hi there!
I'm italian, nice to meet u.... if you wanna talk, contact me! :)
I'm elisa by the way, from tuscany

Hello dear. I'm an Italian mother tongue speaker. I can help you. Add me as a friend.
See you soon.

Ehi :) I'd like to learn spanish and I can help you to learn italian :) Add me!!