Problem with account. Report a technical issue


I'm writting this subject because of that it done nearly 1 or 2 years that I wrote to the Founder member of this site for that the phantom account that I created be delete...This account : . Excepted that this phantom account that I'm arrived to create have never been deleted. It's like : why the members who delete their accounts have never their accounts delete completely? It's enough strange when we know that the accounts delete can be totaly deleted after 2 years. Excepted that many people joins on the sites but never person to do the cleaning between people really there and those who have deleted their account. It's really a pity because after when we want to go on a profile page of a member we can't because he have deleted his account and as nobody behind pass to do the cleaning we continue from disappointment to disappointment! Is it normal? I'm thinking not. Then why this forget? Why my mail is always stay without reply? Above all that I know that there are an option for to delete completely the members who have deleted their accounts.

Thank you in advance to read really my message and to gave a reply. :mellow


Unfortunately I don't understand much of the text, however I understood that you wish for the account /42401 to be deactivated. It is solved now.


I want to delete my account van somebody help me ?!

Hi to everyone,i am a recent memeber from northern Italy, sorry much if i write here as i have not still learn when i have to write a mes for everyone concerning different where do i have to write?,I am a woman and i am here like everyone for a cultural exchange,
i am looking for mailo friends from norther Europe,only natives so to learn and improve better the level of some nordic languages i have studied,
to learn new ones,and most of all i really need at least one friend from Le Principateu de Monaco that is Montecarlo,France, as i wanna go working and living there for a while,as it is my favorite State ever,I do not want any favor any of any,just to talk a bit about ur culture,i am a serious reliable friend,i ahve not put any pics of me so far,as it must not be a question of out beauty but of inner beauty,i am not hugly ahh,i ahve been told like many to have a pretty aspect and a pretty soul,but i find very inhuman to deny ur friendship to someoen only cause of his her outside,
i am a reliable friend if there is someone from nord Europe especially from Montecarlo France that can becoem my virtual friend jut to share ur culture respectfulluy,thanks much! i really hope someone can help me soon,and add me here as friend thankss :D :D