Russian Language Resource Autres langues

Hi Everyone,

I want to know some good resources for Russian language. There seems like many out there to choose from but non many are really interesting me. Dunlingo and [url=]EchoEE[/url] seems ok though but i want to know your insight about the resources. Any suggestions?

Pretty soon i will be visiting my cousins in Russia and would like to surprise them. 😛

Hi, Duolingo is well but for start, I advise you Memrise and Speekoo. I hope it will serve you. 🙂

I would recommend you the best resource for a language in any way ... a book. A real russian book, let me give you the following advice:

Anyone want to teach me russian language or wanna talk with me sometimes on facebook ? I try to learn russian language thank you

Hey! My native language is Russian. Please write me 🙂