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Hey I'm looking for some music with lyrics in Spanish, can you help me ? ;)


Maybe this helps.

[url][/url] (Romanian song)
[url][/url] (And other songs from him)

That's all I can remember for now.

Check out the band called RBD.

Por ejemplo:

Beyonce-Listen..Very good.
China can't use youtube..:(

Christina Aguilera-Contigo En La Distancia

[url][/url] (I know it's not pure Spanish, because he's Romanian)

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How about Shakira...
Or Juanes...
Julieta Venegas...

Hey people, thanks for you answers! ;)

I know only : Juanes, Miguel Angel Munoz, Beatriz Luengo and it's all I think... -_-

Maybe Julieta Venegas? Limon y sal for example...

Or La Oreja de Van Gogh... See your videos or songs in Youtube :P

Hola :)
If you like ska music, listen to band such as Ska-P or The Locos;
if you like reggae music, listen to Los Pericos or Morodo

Do you heard about El Canto del Loco? I really like this band ;)

Maldita Nerea or Pereza. They're my favourites :)

Maria Isabella who has got win a got talent from Spain.

For [b]Spain:[/b]
[i]Molotov Jukebox,
Arianna Puello,
Monica Naranjo.[/i]