The last movie you saw Films, music, TV

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

arachnophibia ^^!

Sid & Nancy <3

King's Speech and I love Colin Firth in it! :D

The Other Guys and it wasn't very good, one before that The Proposal which was quite funny :)

The Hole and Case 39... :D
2 horror film...

Into the wild (:

Thirteen :) And i love it!

Soul Surfer!!! It was the best :D

I guess the last movie I saw in the cinema was Pina... :) really nice film!

no strings attached..

Postman To Heaven

Raiponce (Tangled, in English), three times ! >

dirty dancing <3
The best movie ever ;)

The Crow

My sister's keeper, nice but sad..

I saw "Die Walle" yestarday. Great german film :)

The last song.. It made me cry