Some polish music, please ? :) Films, music, TV

Sylwia Grzeszczak <3

I'm listen Afromental

If you like club music, we have some good producers of trance and house like Arctic Moon, Adam Nickey, Nitrous Oxide, Tiddey, Dave Schiemann, Fafaq, Catz'n'Dogz, Marcin Czubala...

The best rock bands in Poland is coma, kult, acid drinkers, hey etc.

Nowdays polish popular music is piece of crap. 🙁 Except older, well known artist (for example T.Love, Kult, Kazik) there are very few good artists I know.
We have some good rap with smart lyrics: Fisz/Fisz Emade/Tworzywo Sztuczne (ex. ), Łona( ex. ), LUC( ex. ).

Except that, I'm afraid, I don't know polish music that is not made by artists that create for 15+years.
Some polish rap classics: Paktofonika ( - It might be the best rap song ever 🙂), Kaliber 44 ( and their earlier style: ).
Some rock/metal/etc: The best hard rock band ever, Illusion ( );
T.Love ( );
Dżem ( );
polish trash metal legend, Kat ( );
very underrated, one of my favorites, Al Sirat ( );
Turbo ( - one of best songs ever <3);
We have also quite well known worldwide death/black metal: The best of the best, Vader ( ); Behemoth ( ); And much more, but I'm not fan of such kind of music.
Some punk rock: Defekt Muzgó( ), Zielone Żabki ( ) - on of main reasons I go Polish Woodstock Festival each year. 🙂
Some Oi! punk: The Analogs( ), Lumpex'75 ( )

Some reggae/ska: Habakuk ( ), Zabili Mi Żółwia ( ), Skampararas( )

Some less-modern, but beatiful indeed, stuff: The best singer ever, Przemysław Gintrowski (; better known Jacek Kaczmarski (; Leonard Cohen translator and singer, Maciej Zembaty( )

And that's just beginning, I'm sure i didn't mention many really good stuff, unfortunately rather old stuff.

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Gooral ?