Is there anyone who loves rock, punk rock, metal ... ? ;D Films, music, TV

flyleaf, breaking benjamin and memphis may fire are my fav ones.

the legends of rock the Beatles, the stones the who, the kinks, led zeppelin, pink Floyd, queen, AC/DC, the doors, and the father of rock n roll chuck berry.

Bowling for soup,All American Rejects,Good Charlotte,New found glory,Paramore,Relient K,Simple Plan,Sum41,Arctic Monkeys,30 seconds to Mars.
Busted,Blink182(both cool bands)..
Hope you enjoy 😉

I love MetallicA,NIRVANA,Iron Maiden,AC/DC the most 🙂 And other metal bands too 🙂

I listen to Van Canto, Demon Hunter and Sabaton 🙂

I love Black Stone Cherry, Arch Enemy, Scorpions, Trivium, Madina Lake, Billy Talent, Rise Against, 30 Seconds to Mars, Metallica, Sum 41, Nirvana, Art of Dying, Three Days Grace, Alter Bridge, My Chemical Romance, Breaking Benjamin, Staind, Maximum The Hormone and many others 🙂


I also kind of like Rammstein, but like with all the other bands that have been named here, I'd like to give them a listen someday but I'm too busy listening to Nightwish. 😛

Old good metal... Well, not only old 🙂 I listen to Masterplan, Scar Symmetry, Forest Stream (Russian doom metal group, they are very good), Judas Priest, Children of Bodom, Before the Dawn, Athorn and others. But sometimes I want some lighter music 🙂 Usually it's Nickelback, Daughtry, Three Days Grace, Evanescence, Red. I know lyrics of almost all their songs 🙂

I love Within Temptation, Evanescence and Flyleaf 🙂

Well,I like Parkway Drive, Emmure, Deez Nuts, Atreyu, System of A Down, Breaking Benjamin, Skillet, Rise Against, Anti-Flag, Rancid, Subhumans, UK Subs, Toy Dolls, H.I.M, A.F.I, Eluveitie, Serj Tankian, Alkaline Trio, Breakdown Of Sanity, Crossfaith, Fear from the Hate and so on ;d

Rise Against !!! Really cool band !
And ... For a more "agressive" style, and in Russian, STIGMATA ! (metalcore)
Breaking Benjamin is really nice too 🙂

I like glam rock also 🙂
Like BonJovi , Skid Row , Def Leppard , Motley Crue
Do you like this style?

I love metal!! My favorite bands are Windir, Rammstein, Dimmu Borgir, Tyr und Turisas!

Black Sabbath, Slayer, Korpiklaani, Judas Priest are wonderful!

Linkin Park <3

Muse<3 ,Nickelback,Green day and Oomph!Sometimes Metalica)

You HAVE TO check Faith No More and Suicidal Tendencies out ! these are ultimate ! 😃

i like Vixen, Heart, Lita ford, they're rock bands, classics 😃