What is your favourite film ? Films, music, TV

Narnia, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Count of Monte Cristo, Murder on the Orient Express

Lord of the Rings! I LOVE Pippin!

It's always very difficult to choose for me. I would say "One day" with Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess -- it's about the relationship between a man and a woman over twenty years. It's narrated through events occured always the same day every year: the 14th of July. It's very touching and somehow magic. After that, impossible not to mention "Call me by your name".
Yes, these two are my favourite.

I love shawshank redemption <3

the tale of princess Kaguya

Harry Potter<3

The Great Gatsby

Blade Runner

Back to the future


Harry Potter

Big Daddy 😂

The Lord Of The Rings :)

Hardcore, Henry
Upward movement

Movement up, T-34, Coach

I don't have any favourite film but I like the film of the queen. Someone know it?

Harry Potter/ Resident Evil/ Lord of the Rings

A long hard think. Hacksaw ridge