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Who is author from your country that should be more popular abroad?

In my opinion C-Bool, polish DJ, should be more popular abroad because he makes music that is comparable to others like Calvin Harris or David Guetta.

There is one of his songs:

Let me know your author or opinion. :D

Well, I don't know much about DJs, but I'd hear some Polish rock maybe) in my country no one knows it, but I think it should sound great.
As to authors from my country, I think that Fleur could be more popular abroad. Actually, they're from Ukraine, but the language of their songs is Russian. They have beautiful ethnic melodies

Lucio Battisti <3

In my opinion Margaret should be more popular in another countries ;) She has really nice voice and she's sing in English too. I think Gromee is better than C-Bool ;) I love the song "Light me up".