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I Love Shawn Mendes♥️

I love too 💖

Yes, he's great singer ^^ And very handsome man.

I love him. he is my husband :)

I like some of his songs. I really like "Mutual" on his new album.

I like "mutual" too! But the lyrics of "Queen" are so cool!

I love Shawn Mendes. I think That he's the cutest guy of the world😍... When I listen his songs I feel better. I really love him.

Oh my gosh. I think I just found my group haha. I love Shawn Mendes!
Have any of you met him or seen him perform?
I saw his concert last year and it was a highlight of my life. I had waited so long and found out last minute that I could go. I ditched an entire week of vacation for one concert but it was so worth it. He is worth it.

Yeah i also love Shawn! He is amazing. Im going to his concert the 7th of march this year! i can't wait!!