Are there any Linkin Park fans? Films, music, TV

Are there any Linkin park fans? Or Muse? Or 30STM?

yea, linkin park fan here.
what are your thoughts about mike shinoda making an own album?

My favorite Linkin park songs are:

- papercut
- in the end
- crawling
- somewhere i belong
- breaking the habit
- numb
- given up
- burn it down
- leave out all the rest

And of course rest in peace to linkin park's singer chester bennington

Yes! I like Linkin Park. I think my favorite song by them will always be "Numb" because it literally explains how my life is. Because it is about children who are sick of living up to the high expectations their parents set for them. So, I can understand this completely. RIP Chester! You will be forever missed.

I also like 30STM because Jared Leto has a very powerful voice and also my favorite song from them has to be "From Yesterday." 🙂