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Helloo, how do you say "lullaby" in your language? Andd can you write your favorite lullaby here for me? If you want (and if you can) write its english traslation too🌸 I'm really curious!

Kołysanka - i don't have my favourite because I don't remember any of them

wiegelied. I also don't have one, but I like the villain song "My lullaby" in Lion King II

I'm from Germany and here we say "Schlaflied" ("Schlaf" means "sleep" and "Lied" means "song"). My favourite ones are "LaLeLu" and "Funkel, funkel kleiner Stern/ twinkle twinkle litte star".

LaLeLu actually doesn't mean something. I guess it just sounds smoothing. The translation of the song would be something like : lalelu, only the man in the moon watches when the little babys are sleeping, so sleep too. Lalelu, in front of the bed stand two shoes and they are as tired as you. They're now going to rest . And then the sandman is coming too. Quietly he's coming into the house. Chooses from his dreams the best for you. (Yeah and it continues but I'm too lazy to continue) Actually in german it sounds better ;D

That's the most elaborate lullaby I've ever heard, I wish you'd continued. Maybe cause I'm falling asleep right this moment...

German: Wiegenlied

There is a song by Nickelback called lullaby ... the video is gripping and the song is beautiful, even my brother had to cry at the video.

We say 'Slaaplied' or 'wiegenlied' in The Netherlands