When I was little, I was an absolute fan. Then, I realized that the story wasn't deep at all (that's my opinion, I respect the others). So now, I definitely DON'T like Twilight.

I like it because i like drama winkiss

Twilight is wonderful. Not one of the best movies ever, story wise, but if you just watch it and see all the effects and details it's great. And for someone who has read the book (as me) it's very nice to see that they have tried so hard on not forgetting any important details.

<3 twilight!

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I don't like the way vampires are portrayed in the movie. I'm more of a classic old-school vampire kinda girl 😃 And I'm not a big fan of Kristen Steward's OR Robert Pattinson's performance in the film but I have to admit that sometimes when I need some kind of romantic movie I do watch Twilight.

I didn't saw it and I don't wanna see it.

I love it too sad that it stopped.

I really love all the saga!