No because I read books and saw movies till the thirst and if I read books it was because there is the Volturi Coven.
Without Volturi Coven I believe that I didn't read those books.

I'm sorry but I don't like it :)

No, I really don't like it. As a person who has read world classic since the age of 11, I didn't think it was very well written. Also, the characters were very flat and uninteresting to me: Edward made me gag and he didn't by any means "dazzle" me, more than anything he made me angry. The way these books/movies potrayed women was absolutely terrifying and actually quite offensive.

"Harry Potter teaches you how to face your fears, how to grow, how to become independent, how to accept who you are. Twilight teaches you how important it is to have a boyfriend."
Stephen King really said it all.

I read 3 parts and I must admit - saga is addictive, but extremely shallow. Meyer is destroying mystery of bloodthirsty vampire (great created in literature by Polidori, Stoker or in films - "Nosferatu", F. F. Coppoli's "Dracula" etc), by sugary Edward so humane and handsome (of course I'm talking about hero created in book) ...it's ridiculous that this books are popular as much as HP (by the way Stephen King quotation great compare these two works). Plot is low, underdeveloped, predictable. Good for girls under 13 years old.

books were nice ... but movies sucks.

From my point of view, the movie is really bad. My friends forced me to watch all 3 parts and we're planning to watch the 3rd these days. But I'm agree that it's really interesting to watch it in company.
If you are not addicted to "Twilight", I advise you to watch "Vampire sucks" :D

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I don't like twilight :)

I watched first movie and it looked pretty nice for me (maybe because the film started at 8am). Then I tried to read a book but it was awful for me.
Now it makes me sick, because my mom loves it.

I read book and watched movie,and i think book is better cos movie look like amatour making...

I Think the books are not soo bad, but i hate the films, just because Robert Pattinson :DD

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I saw only the first part and it didn't impress me. Then I decided to read a book... I could read only a page. Sooo boooring. I love reading, srsly. I insanely love watching movies. I'm attracted to vampire theme. And after reading Ann Rice's 'Vampire Chronicles' and Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' and watching a lot of movies about vampires I can't force myself to believe that 'Twilight' is a great vampire story.

I prefer to read the novels than the movies.
Although there are some special efficacy in the movies and seems to be attracted, I just like to read book and imagine the story in my mind :)

I -as a novelmad- think Twilight is good as a film but not as a novel. I actually hate fantastic novels and nowadays the novelists are mixing it with the psychological genre of novel.

They want their novel to be suitted in reality but if the characters and stories are supernatural, you can't wish those novels to be suit with human psychological reality.

i like.

i like the books. but the actors in the movies suck!

An interesting question, however. ;)
This movie can see, but Twilight isn't a FANTASTIC movie. This is not a masterpiece.
You can watch Twilight to relax (to have a laugh ;)). No more.

No I prefer The Host from Stephennie Meyer. I read the Twilight's books only because I embodied Rénata and Sulpicia Volturi on a forum RPG. Then if there had been no clan Volturi I would not have read the books. :P

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I think I only read the first book or part of it *shrugs* I much rather prefer reading about the brothers in The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by JR Ward, but before you look that up be forwarned it is a paranormal ROMANCE heheh!