I can't understand why most of my friends like it. I love Fantasy movie or novel such as The load of the rings, and I also like story about vampire but twilight is childish!! It's just a romantic movie. I hate it

I like the story but I really don't like everything they does around the film... Bella's Dolls ? What ?

Sorry but I'm not a Twilight maniac. HARRY POTTER IS BETTER!! :tongue: jk jk its an opinion. But, yea, New Moon was better than Twilight.

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i hate twilight......its so pathetic, a guy who watches you sleep, who follows oyu every where and gets jelous when you talk to a lifelong friend? thts a stalker....and people lets face it, edward doesn't bite people, looks like he riseds in the woods and he sparkles, hes not a vampire hes a fairy. if you wanna read vampire books, go read house of night or vampire academy.WAY beter and same with the dvd. go watch buffy or anel. WAY better plot and vamps

i like Bella :p


I read the Twilight books last year.Also I saw the films.The story is interesting,but I don't like the films.The books are much better.By the way I don't understand people who is crazy about Rob.He is just handsome guy))

the book is okay.but the film.....
i think another movie about vampires named Interview with the Vampire is better

the books are not bad but in my opinion the films have success just for the handsome actors... if we compare Twilight with other films, we find that it's not a good film...there are love stories and vamp stories MUCH BETTER than twilight! :)

I didn't like twilight.

I hate really this movie ! I have juste seen the first .. =/

i liked the books more than the movies.

I hate this kind of film...I don't understand what about vampire persists in twilight. So, I "loved" the image of vampire, because it was mysterious, human and at the same time monstruos. The first time that I've read something about vampire I was 11 years hold, and I couldn't sleep for many nights because I was scared by the idea that a vampire could enter in my room and bleed me. The vampire belong to horror. It has the role to be scared and charming, but not to be as a doggie, or just a boy with problems of adaptation (ever a woman -.-). The vampire don't care about it, it is one of the expression of evil...
This is only my opinion

I read the books and saw the movies, and I liked them, there are some bad parts in it but not one movie is perfect.

I really like the movies and the books. Think it is the best books i've ever read :-)

yes i loved it

Love Twilight of course, Love :* But I prefer books version to movie :)

No. There is like, no plot in over half the book. Just sappy writing about Edward's Adonis face. And then the conflict wasn't even that intense. The movie made me lol though. "I'M A MONSTER, BELLA." *proceeds to sparkle*