Does Anyone watch Teen Wolf ? Who is your favourite character (: ? Films, music, TV

I love teen wolf! But I haven't watched the last season yet because of univeristy ew
Btw, my favourite characters are Stiles and Lydia because Stiles...well it's me but male version, his sarcasm is life! About Lydia, I love how her personality has changed during the seasons (but i used to hate her in the first episodes)
Oh and I love Malia too, she is simply adorable.


Hello. I'm Lana. I'm 28 years old, from Germany and a great TEEN WOLF Fan. LG Lana

Yes I love teen wolf. It's one of my favourites TV series. My favorite character is Derek, but I love stiles too. Teen wolf is amazing... it learned me that Friends can Be a second family. I'm so sad because it endeddd