Does Anyone watch Teen Wolf ? Who is your favourite character (: ? Films, music, TV

I just love this Series it is getting better every season I think (:

My favourite character is Derek Hale, he looks like the bad guy who does not care about anything at all but he does.
I do not like Scott, he is just disapointing me every episode haha :P

Yep, me! It's one of my favourites even if I prefer the firsts three seasons :)

I generally love every character but if I have to decide I would say Allison and Stiles. She's a great and strong woman who know what she wants and he's dorky but really smart and let's be honest: without them Scott would be already dead lol

I really can't stand Scott, even if he's a sweetheart who wants to save everyone, he just seems to not know what he's doing all the time.

What's the last episode you've watched?

Yeah I love Stiles as well, he is always funny and reliable and to be honest I am a Sterek shipper actually haha (:

But you are totally right. Allison is a strong charakter, I was so upset when she left the show but Lydia is also great I like her power :)

I am done with all 5 seasons by now and you ?

And what I would like to ask as well, whats the charakter you hate the most haha (: ?

OMG I'm a Sterek shipper too xD even if I know that they'll never be end game I still hope for them

Unfortunately you're right. They will never be the endgame ):

In my Opinion Lydia should just stay with parrish they fit perfectly together :) And I agree with you, Jeff Davis is often exaggerating, I do literally loathe him O.o Especially, when he is saying that 2 or 3 or at least 6 charakters come back to the show each season but none of them is coming back. Likely Jeff was trying to make the show more interesting for better viewing figures..

Did you actually like Kira ? I love the Japanese mythology, so I admired her as a Kitsune haha :)

Scott is suppose to be a true Alpha, but he's always losing and weak that is totally annoying...

That's a thing I really hate about Jeff! I always hope that Jackson or Isaac will be back for the following season but it never come true... And I think it's a really disrespectful behavior towards the fans.

Yeah, Lydia and Parrish are really cute, but I'll always ship Jydia

Stiles!!! Isaac!!! Derek!!! The Twins!! I basically love all the guys

Well, you're right Ma_ty she had a lot of potential but it is always the same. Mostly, Jeff creates characters with high potential and strenght but they do always lose in every fight. No matter what the topic of the actual episode is, it is about sacrificing themself. Kind of boring but I love this show anyway haha :D

I loved the twins as well Hendrikaxxx I was so upset when Aiden was killed :/

Yes indeed, AgainstAllOdds

Yes AgainstAllOdds that was soooo sad!! To be quite honest I never really liked Alison (sorry people who do), I have always liked Lydia more than Alison. Just because Lydia is so confident and thats something I could use sometimes! ;p ma_ty_98

Yesss ! I watch Teen Wolf and I love this series soooo much !
My favourite character is Stiles because I'm like him, I defend myself with sarcasm ^^ and.. I'm a Stydia Shipper too!

Yes i love Teen Wolf. I am currently watching season 6. Favorite character is Stiles. I just love his sarcasm and personality. Stiles is Bae ❤️

I LOVE TEEN WOLF!! My favourite character is Stiles and I'm a STYDIA shipper!!

AWW TEEN WOLF! I've a picture with Holland Roden! But my favourite character is Stiles

Stiles. He is so...Stiles.

I always loved Allison because she was so badass and I think she and Scott were really cute together but my all-time favorite is still Stiles. I mean come on... who wouldn't love that guy.

Teen wolf is my favorite TV show.
It's so sad that it ended.
My favorite character in Teen wolf is Malia Tate

I love Teen Wolf, I shed tears in the last episode because it Washington the last ... My Favorite character is Lydia because we saw a real and great évolution of her personality ! She is sensitive and strong at the same time. But I love Stiles too ! He is the funny guy. I'm a Stydia shipper.
Sorry for those who love Allison but I've never liked her ... Oups ...