Suggestion for any Series? Films, music, TV

bored, and i just want to watch something

NCIS!! 12 seasons a lot of episodes and it's such an amazing show :) haha
But from the ones I can chose I would say the 100 ;)

Scrubs, The Mentalist or Gilmore Girls! :)

Reign, Outlander, The originals, Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

You have to watch [i]The 100[/i] if you still haven't. Some might say it's clearly a show for teenagers but it only gets better and better, to the point where you eagerly want to see what's next. [i]Orange Is The New Black[/i] is great too though — probably even better if we're talking script quality, but less "awesome".

Maybe you can [i]Once Upon A Time[/i] if you like the characters of old fairy tails. There are 4 seasons and 22 episodes per seasons

Once upon a time, Orange is the new black, Outlander, Beauty and the beast, Game of thrones, Teen Wolf, The vampire diaries.

The walking dead, breaking bad, the strain, the big bang theory, malcom

Grimm, miranda (if you like britisch humor), awkward, sherlock, izombie, please like me, constantine,... All great :)

Watch sitcoms like The big bang theory and 2 broke girls

Watch American Horror Story or My Mad Fat Diary :)

walking dead , Merlin , grimm :)

Breaking Bad!!!

The Legend of Korra

Game of Thrones!

Orange is the new black is really great, but I can also recommend You something else:
Monk, Dr House - amazing actors, main roles in both shows are just pure gold
Suits, Grimm, Criminal Minds, Teen wolf and maybe some classic - Friends - they are always good, for everythig!

NCIS, HAWAII FIVE O, GRIMM, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, PSYCH uuhhhh also gold rush is awesome!

breaking bad and californiacation