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Hi! :)
I really love listening for music. Lastly, my favourite is kpop. Is there someone who also like this type of music? :)

I do :) ! and there is soooo many bands that I like haha~ impossible to just pick one

I agree :) For the first time I heard about it just year ago so I'm new in it, but my first band was EXO. :P

Yesss I love kpop, I mainly listen to girl groups lol.

I like it too *.* I always want to dance when I listen to it :D

I like it too!! I listened first four years ago and now i listen just k pop!! :-)

I've begun to listen to Kpop three years ago. And now, I'm waiting for Bigbang's comeback o/ !

Oo awesome!^^
What was your first mv that you have watched?


I love k-pop!:3 Very much like Super Junior and f(x) ^-^

me too~

For Bigbang, the first MV I saw was Fantastic Baby. First, I was like "what is this .____. ?!" But, I was also thinking "I must have 'miss' something, I should (have to ?) play it again !" . So I did it. And now, I think "this was the right choice" because I love them so much now -3- !

Łaa I love it too <3 and also japanesse songs. I can't seat when I hear U-kiss :D

Hi .I love kpop . my first mv its a no more dream bts . :)

I like kpop! I'm still pretty mainstream though. I listen to girls generation and BIG BANG and stuff like that. So if anyone knows a good band a bit like that, I would love to know!

Wow so many people like kpop now ^^ I'm so happy
Try the BANGTAN BOYS (BTS) their music is kinda like BIGBANG, they're into HIP-HOP
Personally, I prefer the korean rappers like Epik High (Tablo!! 001_tt1 ), CL, Jimin, Zico, Mad Clown, Rap Monster, Giriboy, Beenzino, Hwajilla, Dok2, San E, Swings...
Arrgh so many rappers I love XD ... Of course my favorites are CL and Rapmon big_smile

And Bobby & B.I !! Oh my.. everyone know those songs, right ?

Last one, Jimin + Iron, just awesome, there's also a version without those ''beep'' but the sound isn't really good i think

Me too. I love Kpop

I like kpop and I really really like big bang and 2ne1)))