Do you listen to soundtracks? What's your favourite? Films, music, TV

Hi! big_smile
Do you like movie music? I don't listen to soundtracks very often, but if I do, I really enjoy it! I think movie music is very emotional and sometimes I like turn on radio station with that kind of music.
I think songs from cartoons and Disney movies are cool too :laugh

I don't have favourite piece of music, but sometime I liked Lord of the Rings soundtrack very much.

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i love listening to movie soundtrack! My favorites are from Transformers, Pearl Harbor, Star Wars, Inception, Gladiator, and many others 😃

Awww, I love soundtracks! I listen a little of everything..

I love King Arthur's soundtrack, especially ,,We will go home" song. It's simply epic 😛unk
I also like theme song from Game of Thrones and full soundtrack from LOTR 😃

I like soundtracks from "Smallville"😃

"Last Of Mohicans", "2001, A Space Odissey", "Working Girl" ...

atlas, Hunger games


I love soundtracks from The Crow, the first Matrix, Trainspotting
There are really great songs in them

Batman, pirates of caribbean, gladiator, inception, hunger games, disney movies, oblivion, intouchables...

Soundtrack for "Amelie" is the most wonderful one existing. 🙂)

Soundtrack from Requiem for a Dream is just so good! The movie itself, I recommend it to all of you! And a few video games soundtracks are just really great like Halo, TES or The Legend of Zelda 😁

I really loved the soundtrack from Project X.

It can be considered "the Wall" from Pink Floyd?

Epic stuff like the Lord of the Rings/ the Hobbit and Pirates of the Caribbean!! ^_^

hello everybody! Many soundtrack that you have written I'm like. Per exemple Pirates of Caribbean, Lord of the ring and inception. Anybody knows also Little miss sunshine? it is so nice. I'm like also Shutter Island and The hours: they are sad but beautiful

I like everything from Hans Zimmer.
Batman-Dark Knight Rises, Sprit-stallion of the west, Gladiator, Interstellar, Inception etc. etc.
Really, he is an awesome music composer!

I also love the Schindler's List theme!!!!! (John Williams, also a great composer)

And of course LOTR

And so much moreeeeee

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" Requiem for a dream", "Schindler's list" and " Elena's dance" 🙂