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My name's Laura. It comes from latin and it means "Crowned with laurel ".
Well I don't love it, but I don't hate it. It's... hm...Okay. And his pronouncation is different in every country 😃
My parents may have chose it because of "Little house in the prairie" and Laura Ingalls...

But my name that everyone calls me is Allie.
And thatttt means "Of Noble Birth".
I KNEW I should've been a princess! XD
Oh and its of German origin.

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My name is Buhle and it comes from a language here in South Africa called Swati and my name means beauty

My birth name is Marlene. It supposedly means a compound of Maria and Magdalene. In German, it means bitter. I like my name, but I don't go by it. I prefer Marli, and that's what my entire family calls me anyway. My Dad actually wanted to name me Marley, after Bob Marley, but my mom wouldn't let him. 🙂

my name's Mia Sophie.
Mia is the pet name for Maria, Amelia, Emilia and Amalia.
But it 's of latin origin and means "mine" o.O
And my parents didn't want to name me Maria, because it was too old-fashioned for them.

Sophie is the greek word for "wisdom"
i wouldn't say I'm wise xD.
but well ok xD

My name is Katie 🙂
I think my mum just like named me it tbh? No special meaning or story behind it =.=
I wish a had a more of unique name tbh. Cause everyone thinks my name is short for something :/ <3

my name is Ji-won, as you can see
Ji = to know somthing, curiosity / Won = name of river(water)

before I was born, my grandma had dream that god of river sink her into river and say he will not release her before figuring out his name. (what a bad river-.-;😉 She finally released from river but she said she can't remember the name.
(In Korea, special dreams are considered as dream of the forthcoming conception of a baby..)

My Name is Omi, short for Naomi. It's Hebrew, from the Bible, and it means sweet and pleasant.
People have always called me Omi, and a lot of people think it's Asian or Native American, because i hardly say my full name XD
In Japanese i've heard it means someone who is very polite (近江)
It also means a good looking woman in American slang 😉

My name is Georgina and it means lady farmer. My surname these days means large or tall but in the old days it meant friendly.

my name is Sabrina, and my parents did not name me after 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' (i get so many bad jokes from that =_=) it apparently means boundary line in latin and princess in old english. At one point someone told me it was a version of the name Sabrael, who is the archangel who guards the first heaven XD

My name's Steven, my parents based it off the Biblical Stephen. It means "crowned one".

My name is Leannah, and I was named after my grandmother. 🙂 I've looked it up online, and aside from it being a combination of the names Lee and Anna (obviously 😛) I've learned it also means graceful willow.

My name is Nissa, it has greek and scandinavian meanings, in greek it is Warrioress, and in scandinavian it means happy elf XD. I love cuz I totally am a happy elf. My mom was originally gonna name me christopher, cuz the docs told her i was gonna be a boy, and the name Nissa was going to be her friends daughter's name. As it turns out my mom had a girl and her friend had a boy, so they just traded everything. But y'know the name Jerrit reminds me of the goblin king in the movie labyrinth his name was Jareth

My name is Justine. It is of Latin origin and it means reasonable... My parents and my brothers chose my name by drawing lots!Ahah! They were reluctant between Virginie and Justine 😁 Now my second name is Virginie 🙂

My full name is Anna.Short form is Ann,but in Russian its Anya 😛
The meaning is gracious, merciful 😃

my name is Sayna my mum named me. it means a holy bird. i love my name but the meaning is kinda of weird haha

my name's Celine 😃
my parents named me that cause they were big fans of Céline Dion .... LOL 😁
But it means heavenly (I think :s)

.... & I don't like it that almost everyone write it wrong ... (they write it like Céline or Celien -__-)

My name is Vlada and my parents named me so because they didn't like other names and wanted something unusual and untipical.