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I very often play in Sims 3. I'm wondering what kind of characters do you usually create?Choose which city and what kind of Sims do you prefer?

Well we have the sims vampire edition and its really nice to turn the sims characters in vampires😂😂

glad to see that people keep playing sims 3 because I play sims 3 very often too ! Without any purpose, just create a sim, his house and improve his life until it boring me (i can spend many hours on this game) :3

Hey everyone, I play Sims 4 and I love it. Earlier I played Sims 3 but for some time I get an error :(

What is your favorite Sims game?

has any of you installed that of the seasons? the last pac

Hii all,

I also play Sims 4, and i like it! Seasons and Cat en Dogs are the best expansions :-)

I love The Sims! I've played each one (1-4) and enjoy 3 the most for its customizable options and 4 for the sleek design! I use a lot of CC though.

I play Sims 4 a lot ^^
I love to create characters with lots of cc, i also use some mods. It just makes the game more interesting...

I have the sims 3 and sims 4, have to admit, since the sims 4 cats and dogs I almost never play the sims 3 anymore.
I got a view expansions for the sims 3 and all the expansions from sims 4, so that is also the reason.
I have a question, What do you guys still miss in the sims 4?
For me it's the staircases and horses, some jobs, more clothes and I miss the university pack in the sims 4. Also I wish that we could go to a sun vacation or go with your sim to school.

What person are you guys in the sims;
The builder, The creater(making sims), The game player, The cheater, The Challenger or The killer?

(Maybe you do something else let me know!)

I love to create sims, as realistic as possible! I could do that for hours, but I also love to play with them!